Education & Occupation Coalition

Sowing the seeds of self sufficiency and self reliance

About Us

Education and Occupation Coalition (EOC), 501(c)(3), is a grassroots, volunteer led organization based in Kabul, Afghanistan and Arlington, TX USA. In 2020, EOC was established by five friends that wanted to do more than just provide short term aid, send remittances, and donate to large NGOs and charity organizations with little oversight or accountability to the people that they are meant to serve. We are an entirely women led effort. We hope, along with our partner organizations, such as Baitulmaal and Global Education Campaign, to help plant the seeds of positive change in Afghanistan by providing aid and support through various initiatives. These initiatives are primarily centered on increasing child literacy and education, fostering entrepreneurship, offering occupational training, water sanitation, and sustainable agriculture. Given the unprecedented humanitarian crisis, EOC is crowdfunding to provide emergency food and winter assistance as well. Above all else, we center the needs of Afghanistan’s people in our approach. EOC values transparency, supports grassroots efforts, ensures local oversight and accountability, and operates with little to no overhead costs.


Noorullah Dosti School

EOC operates its own school in Takhar province to provide high–quality education to the local community. The EOC fully supports the school by covering all building costs, including any necessary renovations or repairs. In addition, the EOC provides funding for teacher salaries and school supplies, so that the school has the resources it needs to provide a high–quality education to its students. The EOC also supports the school by providing school uniforms for students, which helps to remove common barriers that prevent children from attending school. All students have access to the same learning opportunities and are able to attend school regularly. By providing these resources and support, the school is well–equipped to meet the needs of its students and provide a strong foundation for their education and future success.

Goat Husbandry

Another project that the EOC supports is goat husbandry projects in Afghanistan. Goat husbandry is a beneficial source of income for impoverished families in Afghanistan for several reasons. Goats are relatively easy to care for and do not require a large amount of land or resources to raise. This makes them well–suited for small–scale farming operations. Goats can provide a source of milk and meat, which can be sold or consumed by the family. This can improve the family’s nutrition and provide a source of income.

Bread Bakeries

EOC has successfully initiated and supported approximately 50 women–owned and operated bread bakeries as a means of supporting widows in the country who have become the breadwinners for their families because of war, violence, lack of security, and poverty. These bakeries provide an important source of income and financial independence for the widows who own and operate them, enabling them to provide for their families and meet their needs. In addition to the economic benefits, these businesses also provide a sense of accomplishment and empowerment for the women involved. These bakeries are predominantly in Kabul city and Takhar province, and we would like to expand this successful initiative in other regions in Afghanistan.

Merchant Carts

EOC in Afghanistan has helped to initiate approximately 125 merchant carts for poor people, assisting them to start their own businesses and achieve self– reliance and economic empowerment. These merchant carts provide a means for individuals to generate an income and improve their financial situation, allowing them to pull themselves out of poverty. The initiative has been successful in providing a valuable source of income and independence for the individuals involved. Some beneficiaries have also been able to go on establish brick and mortar businesses as a result.